Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Curling Chicks are Hot!

I really just wanted to say that the US Women’s curling team is hot. A few of us at work were talking about the 2 sisters leading the team and conversation went along similar subject lines of Tanya’s blog post the other day. Add your thoughts to her comments for that link. Here’s their website although there are no nudie pics like their European counterparts…Playboy needs to jump on it.
Also for those who say curling shouldn’t be an Olympic sport here’s some background. Some info courtesy of wikpedia

It was invented in 1541(someone made a painting showing people playing, kind of like midevil photographic evidence.)

It was played during the 1924 Olympics

Has been a regular part of the Olympics since 1998(no one heard of it until the 2002 games though)

I can’t turn on the tv without seeing it played or some news or sports show talking about it. It’s the sport to watch.

The US women’s team is hot!

Mmm…curling 3some…

I like beer


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Olympic Time, It's All About The Curling

So the Olympics have been going on for a week now but I am just now getting an opportunity to watch it. I have my choice between women’s Hockey or my favorite men's Curling. Although Id prefer women’s curling(many of the teams posed nude in calendars to raise money to go to the games and are therefore hot European natural blondes) men’s curling beats manly women playing hockey.
For those who haven’t heard of curling it’s a combination of Shuffleboard, bowling, and marbles with more strategy than chess on ice. It involves gliding a $5000 granite stone across the ice controlling it by sweeping $3000 brooms in its path and getting it into a target painted on the ice while trying to knock your opponents stones out. It sounds boring and even looks boring at first and when you first see it you wonder how it’s an Olympic sport. If badminton and ping pong can be Olympic sports than then curling fits right in. Maybe next year lawn darts can be added… Like I said it’s supposed to be boring but yet people watch it and talk about it. I like it because of the strategy and teamwork involved in the sport along with the novelty of people sweeping a stone and hooking it around stones to hit their mark. Although I am a fan I still can only take it in moderation though and the scoring system is still beyond me.
During the last Olympics the then unknown event was put on CNBC at 3 in the morning and yet managed to become the networks highest rated programming ever(no one watches CNBC except for CEOs checking stock info during breakfast). Now it’s been upgraded to mid morning on USA network. If your sick of the normal skiing and figure skating or just don’t want to watch women’s hockey or cross county skiing then check curling out.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I am thinking of using this or something similar as my title image, only problem is I cant figure out how to insert this into my template properly... if anyone has any suggestions about the pic or adding it please let me know.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Boys Are Back in Town

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been busy with work and sleep and the few topics I have thought of using as posts haven’t been enough to make a fully post so here it is all combined, Its been almost a month since my last real post. In the past month I’ve thought of posting about my family July vacation that will not be because the wonderful baseball writers didn’t vote Jim Rice into the Baseball Hall of Fame. I had a blog post all ready to post before hand about how my favorite childhood player finally got to the HOF and my memorabilia collection would now be worth something but the post had to be scrapped because New Yorkers Suck!!! Ill have that post ready in 2 years (Cal Ripkin and Tony Gwynne are going in next year, the year after is weak so that is Jim’s year). So instead of a july vaacation to Cooperstown to see Jim inducted to the hall Ill have to find a better use for my vacation days. Im sure Liz has a few ideas.
I also thought about posting about my newfound appreciation for John Mayer. He recently abandoned his 12 year old female fan base and started a kickass blues trio. For a while I’ve been trying to get into him since he is a local guy but have had trouble with his acoustic poppy teenage BS. He has potential but either has a shitty record deal where the record bosses control his music or he can’t write music for shit. He is an amazing guitar player and this trio thing is bringing out the true John Mayer. Good luck to the man.
Theo Epstein returned to the Red Sox and was given his old job as General Manager. I’m happy he is back but don’t have much to say beyond taking the time to Photoshop the poltergeist picture in my post from yesterday. “He’s back…”

I also recently got told informed of my soon to be continued training at work which once completed will give me a promotion and eventual raise. I was being trained a while back but a couple of dumbasses fucked up and got fired for their own stupidity so we were short staffed until recently preventimg my training from continuing. This is nice and all until I found out that for this job I will soon be given a list of required tools needed for the job. I grew up in an affluent town that didn’t include any tech ed in its curriculum and therefore wasn’t exposed to tools as a youth and currently have just the bare essentials for home use, a few screw drivers, some pliers and a hammer. Liz’s cousin who works with cars called my toolbox the “Kia of Toolboxes”. The list apparently includes $600 worth of tools. Once my training is done they will expect me to get these tools without compensating me and the raise won't be for 3-6 months once they decide Ill work out with this position. Fun Fun. Ill just have to buy them piece by piece...
Thats all for now, I should hopefully be better about posting in the future.

God Damn WE Channel

So its 2 o’clock on a Saturday night and since I work nights I’m flipping through the channels and come across the movie Office Space…I think great this is an awesome movie, until I look at the channel…It’s on fucking Women’s Entertainment. WTF is WE doing with Office Space? When I worked as an internet tech support specialist this was the move people lived by. I didn’t actually watch it until after the layoff when I took a college course on business organizational behavior. Seeing this on WE pissed me off despite me being in a semi drunken state since we went out to dinner and then had some guests over who were drinking so I had to drink to be sociable plus the taste of beer is coming back now that I have some mid range beer. I named this blog after the above named channel showed “A League of Their Own” which in my opinion is a sports movie featuring chicks, not a chick flick. Some of the ladies have said they think it may be a chick flick but also see my point. Office Space has no reason on this earth to be a chick flick. It is a nerdy guy movie for anybody who has worked in a white collar office environment…
Some of you may be thinking I’m jumping to a conclusion(heh get it) but I don’t think so, this movie is as far from a movie that should be on WE as Playboy’s Dorm Lesbian Girlfriends Gone Wild.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

He's Here...

More to Come Tonight, I promise!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Everyone Wants Me to Update This

Consider it updated.

I have writers block and lack of sleep.  Maybe tomorrow ill write more, now I'm going to bed.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Where's Santa? Big Brother Knows

For 50 years the military’s NORAD Radar/satellite tracking base has had a hotline for kids to call to track Santa’s journey around the world on Christmas Eve. For the past 4 years they’ve had a website available with “photos” of Santa flying by military installations and world cities. I say “photos” because in the past they had cheesy cgi pics of things like the Eiffel Tower or an aircraft carrier instead of using a real photo and superimposing Santa in the pic. Young kids probably don’t care though they think they are seeing Santa fly over London and Moscow on the way to their house. For those with kids it’s a fun site to check out with the little ones.
Hers the site:
Merry Chritmas, Happy
Chanukah, Happy Kwanza Bitches!, Feliz Navidad, have an ok Rhamadad, and Happy Festivus for the rest of us.

MMM...Beer...Maybe Not...DOH!!!

Beer is a drink that took me quite a while to like. It started with drinking a bud light since there was nothing else to drink that night to after about a year and a half finally liking Sam Adams(much to my dads joy, he is a beer snob). The last few years I’ve been a micro brew person and much to my wife’s dismay liked to try as much variety as possible. I am not a drunk or anything, I actually drink beer for taste, the buzz if any is an added bonus but for the most part I'm a 1 or 2 drink drinker so I don’t get far enough for the alcoholic effects to kick in. I would go to a package store and be like a kid in a toy store trying to figure out which new brew to try. Not so much any more…
When I was moved to 3rd shift people there said that working nights makes you drink more, I beg to differ. As I type this at 6:30am on my day off I am drinking a diet coke while I have 5 styles totaling 20+ beers in my fridge along with full bottles of Vodka, Southern Comfort, and my buddy Jim Beam(he’s a good guy once you get to know him) not getting touched. It started as not knowing when to drink, I wake up at 5 in the afternoon but its morning for me but it also never felt right drinking at 7am before I went to bed. For the past 2 months I’ve been able to count the # of drinks I’ve had with my hands and toes. Most of the drinks are from when Liz and I go out to a sit down dinner somewhere and whereas before I would have 2-3 drinks with dinner I’m now lucky to finish my first before we finish desert...
I’ve now seemed to have lost my taste and affection for the beverage I so love. Past favorites of mine including IPAs, ESBs, and a mealtime favorite of mine Oatmeal Stout taste terrible to me now. It took 7 years to learn to like and love this stuff but only 2-3 months to lose it.
I’ve decided I need to go down a notch and start with something in between what I have and Bud like a Sam Light or a nice pilsner but its hard to justify buying new beer with all the current stock I have. My mom says not drinking is a good thing(she's an accountant and is seeing the potential dollar savings) but if this goes the way its going I think my dad will get disappointed he’s losing someone to talk about beer with.
According to this article(has some funny pics of Homer) though the rest of the world may be following though.
Maybe its like when Liz was pregnant I got her cravings for her, she now has Morgan and now craves beer and spirits but cant, her desire for the drink must drained mine. Maybe Liz should go on a drinking binge and get trashed and hungover so her craving goes away and maybe my taste will return. You never know. Heh.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Baby Pics For Those Who Want To See Baby Pics


The snow suit is a bit big for her, just a bit.